Chocolate Milk

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Full Cream Non-Homogenised Milk

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Cottage Cheese-Full Fat and Low Fat

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Discover sustainability

Sustainability is important to all of us. We need to ensure that we are producing food in a way that is not harmful to our local enviornment. We are slow food producers, who are constantly working on restoring and improving soil health. We nutrure the animals within our care, and allow biodiversity to thrive.

  • Water- our water use is efficient, and we reuse water where we can.
  • Waste management- we have an effluent pond at the top of our hill, 1km back from the Bellinger River. We understand completely that we need to be responsible for the management of our waste, so that it does not affect others in our local area.
  • Planting trees and maintaining vegetation- we love spending time in our 200 acre, sub-tropical rainforest. It is rich in bio diveristy and is a real carbon sink.
  • Always following Organic Principles in our farming practices.
  • Dairy is a fantastic source of nutrition for people, it needs to stay within our diets.

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